giveaway halfway over already! — not your average crochet

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via giveaway halfway over already! — not your average crochet

Missing in action?

Yes.  I have been missing in action in blogland.  To be honest, things have been kind of overwhelming but I wanted you all to know I am still with the living, still loving yarn, and miss you all.


Something new… knitting is finally clicking and I finished my first project.  My first REAL written project!



Yet, I still have these moments…



Advice for a newbie continental knitter?  Do I still crochet, oh yeah.




Bitter cold….

The other night brought us about six inches of snow.  The first in 2015.  I do love the blanketing of white that makes everything magically new. The winds sing to us and whip about bits of snow that look of glitter in the sun but it is deceiving.  Jack Frost is whistling and the bitter cold has taken hold here in the valley.  We also have the sickies visiting our home.  So, we have nestled in with blankets, crochet, and Sprite.  I will be having peppermint tea in a bit, something that I can share with hubby.  


My crochet, you ask?  It is a sunny Manos Fine in Gaslamp.  I am working on The Breckenridge Shawl for a class.  Such a happy color!



A smile…

Things have been a bit busy and up and down and around this last November and start to December.  So, I wanted to take a moment to share a smile in this crazy time of year when, sometimes, we need a good smile.





Well, I searched the web for a simple random number generator and plugged in one to eighteen.  And with the click of a mouse it chose number four… ohangelina is our winner!!  Thank you all for visiting and I hope to do something blog fun soonish again.



Happy belated Anniversary…

It has been a year and a few days since I began traversing the blog land.  I would like to take the moment to thank you all for hanging in with me and encouraging me along.  It is really something to reach out to strangers and come back with new friends and a better person for it.  For you kindness and generosity AND to celebrate my blog-a-versary :::::drum roll::::: A GIVEAWAY!

Simply leave a comment telling me your favorite thing about fall, your idea for the yarn and give a thanks to my favorite local shop in Troy, Ohio : Lion & Lamb Yarn Boutique.  The ladies at this shop really had a huge hand in making this giveaway happen.  They pulled the yarn for me over the phone, took pics AND emailed them to me so I could post this before I could make it to the shop to grab the yarn.  They are really awesome at the Lion & Lamb Yarn Boutique.  So, if you are in the area, you have got to check out their shop!  I will be drawing October the 5th using a random number generator.


Looking forward to seeing the comments and making someone very happy!



A Smidge…

I wanted to pop in and share a smidge of what I have been doing. My need to do things for those I love has been in full swing and has led to a bit of my wip’s finally getting done.  I managed to finish Stephanie’s scarf and boot cuffs from the alpaca from two years ago.  (Shame on me for letting such wonderful yarn just grump about in a bin!)


My niece,Stephanie, and her little dog too! DSCN2342_medium2Stephanie got these boot cuffs this evening for her birthday.  She was a happy girl.


This is the accumulation of my Weasley rectangles so far.  So many more to be had!  The fun part is hubby is very interested and has gone yarn shopping for a bit of his blanket yarns.


And my final share for tonight, a shawl from an e-book I won from a kal/cal the Ravelry group  MySistersKnitter.  The e-book is The Goddeses and it is inspired by the Parthenon replica in Nashville, Kentucky.  At first, I wasn’t wrapping my head around the way the pattern, Agannipe,  was written but once I started it all clicked!  It has turned out to be a fairly easy crochet and a joy!  ( Let’s not talk about how long I had the wonderful Peruvian alpaca waiting in stash for something like this.)

Well, there is more but I cannot share them for several reasons but not to worry, they will be shared eventually.  Also, in a few days it will be one whole year of blogging!!! For our one year anniversary I will be posting a giveaway!!!   So keep posted!!!



Just a bit…

I realized that I have gone quite a while without posting, again.  So I wanted to share just a bit of what I have been up to but it is really a wee bit till I can sit at the computer proper. KINDLE_CAMERA_1404410002000 I started working with a locally sourced 100% alpaca and it is just wonderful!  Anyone can indulge by visiting Root Down Acres.  I love the way the alpaca Mama, Missy, has each alpaca’s picture on the skeins.

What yarn are you loving right now?



A visit with Mrs. Weasley…

I have been looking and thinking so much about my Weasley blanket that I dreamed about it.  I took a train to the Weasley’s and was welcomed by Mrs. Weasley.  We had a rather long visit over tea and fibery goodness.  She had several projects in the making , of course, and I worked on my one.  We talked about everything and anything and through the course of the visit several of the kids came and went.  It was a very pleasant and colourful dream indeed.  It definitely defined what I expected in this project.  First, this will be a long and relaxed project…. happening here and there.  Secondly, it will be all scrappy sock yarns.  Even if I have to beg friends shamelessly for their snippets of leftover yarns. Third, I will not settle on one stitch nor style only the size will matter.  I have already begun to delve into the fibery fun of the 3×4 inch rectangle loveliness.  I hope by sticking to the same size it will feel like a rag quilt (that is what Ron’s blanket reminded me of) but by making them a bit smaller I can use up more scrap.


And so I have begun!   The first rectangle is crocheted in a half double lengthwise.  The second I decided to practice some basic knitting.  When I cast off this will be my very first finished knit piece and that makes this little project even more special.

Happy Summer to you all!



Weasley inspiration…

So much time has flown by!  I must admit that I have thought of posting but always ended up collapsing into my snuggly bed or indulgently picked up my my hooks instead.  Of course, this has been after work or days filled with company.  But I am digressing. Now for our topic.


I recently, ok the last few hours, caught wind of a few posts on knitting a Weasley blanket.  My curiosity getting the better of me, I jumped on Google to find more information…


And fell in love!  I mean seriously!  These images bring back such fond memories of nieces, nephews, my Mom, friends and moments spent with hubby.  Of the years past, watching the actors grow up along side all the children I my life.


Not to mention that we, every fiber artist and yarn lover, has yearned to have a set of enchanted knitting needles.

So now, having fallen in love with Mrs. Weasley’s wonderful fiber creations all over again, I am beginning to plot the creating of my very own Weasley blanket.  I am sure this will take time and I foresee myself shamelessly begging my friends everywhere for their scrap sock yarn.  I also see posts in my future of squares of Weasley inspired love.

In the meantime, I hope everyone has been well and know I have lurked about a wee bit trying to keep up-to-date.




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