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The Week…

This past week has been busy!  Lots of bussling about from here to there over to this way and that.  We managed to make it down to Foy’s in Dayton.  If you haven’t heard of Foy’s, it is it’s own fun-land of costumes.  Foy’s is a family owned set of stores on the same couple blocks in the Fairborn area of northern Dayton.  They specialize in everything Halloween… perfect for finding costumes for Hubby and I for the party the following night. There is a child’s and an adult’s costume store, a haunted house, a hamburger joint and a props and gadget’s store.
To boot, they have two houses just up the road that are decorated with anamatronic displays and a rental Ghostbusters car.


These houses just rock!  The Foy’s Family know how to go full Halloween!



As for the costumes we chose, completely different ideas.  This year I went simple with a pair of crochet bunny ears and a cute bunnicula nose/teeth set.  Hubby goes for Van Helsing.  Off to the annual Spookfest!  Our dear friends, vamp-clowns!!!  Clowns get to me… shudder.


Today we rounded it out with a stop at Boot Country for Hubby’s VERY early birthday present.  Then off to Lambekins for some much needed fiber-therapy.  ((Will have to post the yarny goodness later this week.))  We found food along the way home and then a wee bit of rest before our bedtime.  It was fun!  Hubby and I are very content with our time well spent with friends and each other over the last few days.  Hope everyone had a great week/end as well.




Work and crochet…

I work like most people do in this world.  My job is just feet away from my front door.  Days that require my trudging to the job send me stepping across the asphalt and studying how the world around me has changed from day to day.  I enjoy seeing the trees change and what the sky has to offer me.  So many days I have wished I had my camera.  I fail to have it with me so many times.  It is a new feeling to want it so often.  My camera is a bit bulky.  I have a Nikon Coolpix P100 and I really love it but for carrying with me it is not the best.

Why this diatribe you ask?  There have been many times over the last days that I wanted to have had my camera.  I wished to share my visual experience.  Sigh.  The other part of the diatribe is to share a little insight of my job.  I work for my Mother.  She has a modest carryout and sporting goods store.  I sneak in quite a bit of crochet as I can.  Not everyone can do this on the job and at times I feel like I am cheating somehow… like on a test back in grade school.  This being said, it is nice to have something that is calming.

I made a quick little project yesterday.  I needed a break from the two scarves I am currently working on … especially since the first one has been frogged twice because I was too pompos to use math the first time.  Let’s just say that math has been used and still proves worthy.  Back to my little project… it is the most adorable little hat!


I found this cute little pattern on Etsy from Beezymomscreations .  She has both knit and crochet… which is fabulous in my book!

On to the rest of today!  :::: trumpets sound a charge ::::



Fall and comfort…

I love fall!  I love the colors, the trees, the hot apple cider, the pumpkin everything and the cooling weather.  That being said, the Government is interfering with some of my joys that fall brings about.  I cannot go the our local reseviour ( CJ Brown Reseviour), John Bryan State Park, nor Glen Helen Nature Preserve.  This is most disheartening.  I wanted to sip hot cider and drive about enjoying the greens changing to golds, reds and oranges taking photos and stopping here and there to rest and crochet in nature.  Instead, I was met with a road block and had to turn around.  So, I chose to go downtown in Springfield and enjoy one of the city parks, Snyder Park to be exact.  I was surprised by how much improving on the park has been done and found my happy place.


Some of the little trees showed how the weekend of rain and wind swept away their coats of changing leaves.


The local geese were even happy with the day!  Mind, they had just been fed by a very nice gentleman who was happy to offer then some old bread.


I even found the perfect spot to take a photo of my 9″ squares that I am sending off to Andi over at MySistersKnitter .


So, what are your favorites of this fall season?




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