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Nibby Nobby Washcloth …

Hello All!

This is a big day!  I am publishing my very first pattern in the spirit of the Olympics and the Ravellenics Winter Games 2014.  So, without further ado…



Nibby Nobby Washcloth

Hook: 6mm J

Yarn: Lily Sugar’n Cream Cotton Worsted

Gauge:  11 rows = 3″  ;  11 sts  = 3″

Notes:  This pattern uses US crochet terms.  The pattern gives you a 10.5″ x 10.5″ washcloth.


1.  Ch 38

2.  Sc in the 2nd ch from the hook to end.  (37)

3.  Ch 1, turn.  Sc in first st, tr in next.  Repeat this to end.

4.  Ch 1, turn.  Sc in each st to end.

5 – 36.  Repeat 3 then 4.

37.  Ch 1, turn.  Sc in each st to end.  Snip yarn and pull through.  Weave in ends.

This gives you a scrubby like cloth that, when washes, fluffs up and feels wonderful to use.  I hope you enjoy and take part in the Ravelry Winter Games with the rest of us nuts!





A New Year, a new Resolution…

I know this is a bit late but I really wanted to share this post and well, I was in the hospital at the time.  So here goes… I am terrible at resolutions.  I generally go to that dark place about health and excersice and then fail miserably with a lot of people in America.  This year, on the Ravelry group My Sister’s Knitter Kal/Cal, the proposal for crafting resolutions came up as a Knit-a-long/crochet-a-long.  I can do that.  I mean really.  Then I started thinking and there was some crafting soul searching.  I really had to think about this. Why, well I find it hard to commit to doing something for myself. Doing things for others comes easiest for me. So, without further ado, my resolutions:

  • to learn a new crochet technique – DONE
  • to crochet a hooded cowl from the Etsy pattern purchased 6months ago – DONE
  • to actually finish the knitting project started 2 years ago… my learning project.  ( it is out and I have picked it up twice and made some progress! )
  • to use the luscious mink yarn indulgently for myself
  • to publish my first written pattern in our Etsy store
  • to finish the storage room as a craft room for my escape/creative space
  • to start/finish Steph’s scarf promised for Christmas 2013
  • to not allow myself to become over burdened with my consignment work
  • to list more of my projects on Ravelry
  • to finish my WIPs that are not finishing themselves… especially my wheelchair lapgan that could make someone in a local nursing home very happy.
  • to get my Lapgans for the Elderly program started and get at least 5 lapgans to the elderly before this fall.


So, did you make crafting resolution?  If so, what were they?  And have you finished any yet?



A Visit…

Heya!  Things are progressing.  I am healing better than the doctor’s expected but not as fast as I want.  I know things take time but I want to go out of the house now please!  I have gone to have the staples all removed and there is only one spot that is healing oddly but I have been babying it and keeping it taped.  This appears to have it healing perfectly as of today.  Yays!!!  As for the viral pneumonia, little improvements are noticed daily.  I am breathing just a little easier today as well.  :::smile:::

I have been taking time to do some non-commission crochet on a very small level.  Something very seasonal and fun… Crochet Heart Hangings!  I found the original pattern over at Jacqueline’s blog – BunnyMummy and tweaked it slightly.  I plan on adding this heart sachet by Picot to Petals blog and this heart from My Merry Messy Life blog to hang off the bottom.  I love that the last two patterns were found on Ravelry… it totally rocks and the people who share their designs rock it!  I am trying to make them as little gifts for those near and dear to me.  Little “I love you’s” since our money is impossibly tight this year with me being off work for the last month.


I also had the fun of visiting with a dear friend who I have been showing how to crochet here and there.  It is fun to spend time with her and show her something new every know and then.  Well, it is fun to spend time with her period,  She is a positive person who always makes me smile and…. she was my first visitor in weeks!  Which is a win for us both. 


Yesterday was learning to decrease stitches and her very first amigurumi ever!  She had a ton of fun and I think will be exploring giraffe’s soon.


So cute!  Don’t you think?  And she was stash busting!

Also, a confession.  This morning I was missing my sister terribly and decided to pull out that old dish cloth knitting I had started so long ago and give it a row.  I felt like I was trying to learn to knit left handed on a moving boat during choppy waters.  I am a right hander and I get motion sick very easily.  I drive because it is so bad.  After minutes of a furrowed brow, tongue biting concentration I did manage a whole row but oye!  I was so frustrated that I had to pick up the mindless crochet wash clothes I had started at the same time but sat down for grander things and totally forgot till I dug out the knitting cone.  They are both cones of cotton.  I had big plans years ago.  But most of all, at that moment, I had to feel like I still knew what to do with my hands!  I am convicted to learn to knit this way.   Therefore, I will pick up and knit a little each month this year… yup.  I will succeed! 

DSCN2102[1]Proof of the knitting… and the cone.  Oh my aspirations are grand.

So, what have you been up to?  What knits/crochet are you working on?  How is life treating you and yours?




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