Just a bit…

I realized that I have gone quite a while without posting, again.  So I wanted to share just a bit of what I have been up to but it is really a wee bit till I can sit at the computer proper. KINDLE_CAMERA_1404410002000 I started working with a locally sourced 100% alpaca and it is just wonderful!  Anyone can indulge by visiting Root Down Acres.  I love the way the alpaca Mama, Missy, has each alpaca’s picture on the skeins.

What yarn are you loving right now?




A visit with Mrs. Weasley…

I have been looking and thinking so much about my Weasley blanket that I dreamed about it.  I took a train to the Weasley’s and was welcomed by Mrs. Weasley.  We had a rather long visit over tea and fibery goodness.  She had several projects in the making , of course, and I worked on my one.  We talked about everything and anything and through the course of the visit several of the kids came and went.  It was a very pleasant and colourful dream indeed.  It definitely defined what I expected in this project.  First, this will be a long and relaxed project…. happening here and there.  Secondly, it will be all scrappy sock yarns.  Even if I have to beg friends shamelessly for their snippets of leftover yarns. Third, I will not settle on one stitch nor style only the size will matter.  I have already begun to delve into the fibery fun of the 3×4 inch rectangle loveliness.  I hope by sticking to the same size it will feel like a rag quilt (that is what Ron’s blanket reminded me of) but by making them a bit smaller I can use up more scrap.


And so I have begun!   The first rectangle is crocheted in a half double lengthwise.  The second I decided to practice some basic knitting.  When I cast off this will be my very first finished knit piece and that makes this little project even more special.

Happy Summer to you all!



Weasley inspiration…

So much time has flown by!  I must admit that I have thought of posting but always ended up collapsing into my snuggly bed or indulgently picked up my my hooks instead.  Of course, this has been after work or days filled with company.  But I am digressing. Now for our topic.


I recently, ok the last few hours, caught wind of a few posts on knitting a Weasley blanket.  My curiosity getting the better of me, I jumped on Google to find more information…


And fell in love!  I mean seriously!  These images bring back such fond memories of nieces, nephews, my Mom, friends and moments spent with hubby.  Of the years past, watching the actors grow up along side all the children I my life.


Not to mention that we, every fiber artist and yarn lover, has yearned to have a set of enchanted knitting needles.

So now, having fallen in love with Mrs. Weasley’s wonderful fiber creations all over again, I am beginning to plot the creating of my very own Weasley blanket.  I am sure this will take time and I foresee myself shamelessly begging my friends everywhere for their scrap sock yarn.  I also see posts in my future of squares of Weasley inspired love.

In the meantime, I hope everyone has been well and know I have lurked about a wee bit trying to keep up-to-date.



So much…

So much has been going on around this humble home.  Lots of crochet on the front and lots of heavy heartedness.  I kind of feel like it is that kind of year.  You know them, the kind that bring lots of change, health issues, and heartache.  I have heard too much of the c word this year between my father, mother-in-law, and now my dearly beloved cat.  We are in the last days of his dear life and watching him pass is shattering my heart.  The vet has assured me that liver cancer is not terribly painful but aggressive.  I know that the toxins are building in his system and it is what will take him.  So, I hold him as much as possible, pet him and give him everything he seems to want for.

ImageMy dear Samwise, the siamese.

In less depressing news, I have been working on African Flower Hexagons for my mother-in-laws blanket.  This is the first blanket I have made since I was in the third grade!  I didn’t realize I had been crocheting mostly accessories for the last few years.  What a change doing these hexagons has brought on.  I find that they each have their own little quirks and personality.  It seems that tucking the strings takes the most time as they whip up fairly easy.  Also, the colors are very fun and vibrant which makes crocheting them fun and light heartening.  I enjoy picking them up from time to time from their current home in their own little bag.  If you get a chance, make some of these for yourself!  I know that I am going to probably make a pillow or owl in my future and it will live on my couch.  🙂


Frank photo bombing the African Flower Hexagon’s photo shoot.

There has also been crocheting for tracheotomy dust covers.  I never knew up until recently how much the nose filtered!  Now that my  mother-in-law has had her larynectomy, we are much more educated on what the nose does and how much filtering loss not breathing through it brings. The solution her doctor has made is dust covers for the trachea area.  The doctor’s office gave her a cover made of three 4″x4″ squares with 14″ tie strings.  Having just one was not going to do it therefore we have been making more.  I highly encourage everyone to contact your local hospital or specialist and volunteer making at least on from some of that scrap yarn lying around.


Kitten paws showing the Tracheotomy Dust Covers.

I hope for you all a much better year and many blessings.





Finally… an update!

PHEW!  Things have been so busy lately.  I know, I am terribly overdue for an update.  I returned to work a few weeks back and that took way more energy than I thought it would.  So, many naps have been had or wanted.  Sigh… naps.  Oh yes, onward we go.

My Mom-in-law’s healing has been up and down.  She had to go back to the hospital for a couple minor surgical procedures, then back to transitional care, finally, surprise, home.  That last bit was decided by her insurance… or should that be devised by her insurance.  Anyways, she came home today but now for radiation for the next thirty-three days to start.  Poor Mom-in-law!

Things about the home are in total disarray.  I am pushing hubby to get this house in order or some semblance of it.  I may not have told you all how back in November I moved my thirteen year old couch to the garage, errr man cave.  After a month my hubby decided to start having friends over after the New Year to do man things in his new cave.  That’s when my plan began to soundly begin to come to fruition.  You see, I have wanted a new couch and with his buddies come their wives and where would they be sitting?  Surely not the man zone!  So, I explained that for this to work, I would need a new couch for inside, and not just any couch.  Oh no, I wanted one just like my Mom’s extra couch in the living room.   He agreed and I was anxiously awaiting the tax return time for the couch buying to begin.  Sounds great, right?  And that is when the Universe put my butt in the hospital and all tax monies went to pay my parents back for bailing us out during the whole time I was off work healing.  Now, my Mother knew of the plan on getting this couch and decided to talk with Dad about it.  To my surprise, they called to let us know we could have her almost brand new couch that reclines!  Why this long diatribe about the couch?  I am getting to that.  So, I have been pushing hubby to make room in the house and am using the couch as an excuse to further rearrange the rooms, start organizing and putting away.  He does it reluctantly but he is ever so slowly starting.  Maybe with more pushing I can get my craft room… hmmmm.

Any who, that is why I have been absent these past few weeks.  Please don’t think I have just forgotten.  I am usually just too tired or frazzled from all that has been going on.  In fact, I have really missed being able to blog.  I have also been missing my sister a lot.  It is so much harder having her in Texas instead of just down the street a few houses.  It makes popping in impossible for this Ohio girl.  Perhaps we will be able to do that once again.


My sister, Teresa, and I back in mid-December.

So what have been doing?  What do you wish you had more time for?  Who do you miss?



P.S.  please excuse the poor photo.  I took it with my tablet.

Nibby Nobby Washcloth …

Hello All!

This is a big day!  I am publishing my very first pattern in the spirit of the Olympics and the Ravellenics Winter Games 2014.  So, without further ado…



Nibby Nobby Washcloth

Hook: 6mm J

Yarn: Lily Sugar’n Cream Cotton Worsted

Gauge:  11 rows = 3″  ;  11 sts  = 3″

Notes:  This pattern uses US crochet terms.  The pattern gives you a 10.5″ x 10.5″ washcloth.


1.  Ch 38

2.  Sc in the 2nd ch from the hook to end.  (37)

3.  Ch 1, turn.  Sc in first st, tr in next.  Repeat this to end.

4.  Ch 1, turn.  Sc in each st to end.

5 – 36.  Repeat 3 then 4.

37.  Ch 1, turn.  Sc in each st to end.  Snip yarn and pull through.  Weave in ends.

This gives you a scrubby like cloth that, when washes, fluffs up and feels wonderful to use.  I hope you enjoy and take part in the Ravelry Winter Games with the rest of us nuts!




A New Year, a new Resolution…

I know this is a bit late but I really wanted to share this post and well, I was in the hospital at the time.  So here goes… I am terrible at resolutions.  I generally go to that dark place about health and excersice and then fail miserably with a lot of people in America.  This year, on the Ravelry group My Sister’s Knitter Kal/Cal, the proposal for crafting resolutions came up as a Knit-a-long/crochet-a-long.  I can do that.  I mean really.  Then I started thinking and there was some crafting soul searching.  I really had to think about this. Why, well I find it hard to commit to doing something for myself. Doing things for others comes easiest for me. So, without further ado, my resolutions:

  • to learn a new crochet technique – DONE
  • to crochet a hooded cowl from the Etsy pattern purchased 6months ago – DONE
  • to actually finish the knitting project started 2 years ago… my learning project.  ( it is out and I have picked it up twice and made some progress! )
  • to use the luscious mink yarn indulgently for myself
  • to publish my first written pattern in our Etsy store
  • to finish the storage room as a craft room for my escape/creative space
  • to start/finish Steph’s scarf promised for Christmas 2013
  • to not allow myself to become over burdened with my consignment work
  • to list more of my projects on Ravelry
  • to finish my WIPs that are not finishing themselves… especially my wheelchair lapgan that could make someone in a local nursing home very happy.
  • to get my Lapgans for the Elderly program started and get at least 5 lapgans to the elderly before this fall.


So, did you make crafting resolution?  If so, what were they?  And have you finished any yet?




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